Why use an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre is an objective method of selection. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), approximately a third of organisations now use Assessment Centres as part of their recruitment process.

Our Assessment Centres are generally one day in duration and follow a sifting process undertaken by online testing and your first round interviews. The Assessment Centre will contain at least four different exercises designed by us to test each candidate’s suitability for your role.

We provide Assessment Centres that are tailored and reflective of your organisation rather than generic. This means we design exercises that suitably challenge candidates and test their performance against your agreed competencies. We also make every effort in the design phase to create exercises that are realistic to your organisation and brand these appropriately for you.

We are rigorous in the planning and administration of each Assessment Centre process; it is a pressured format that we pride ourselves on making seamless.

We welcome the involvement of internal staff in the observation process and have a track record of training teams of internal observers to undertake this role successfully.

Business Benefits of an Assessment Centre

  • Well run Assessment Centres give a good lasting impression of your organisation
  • They offer a fair process that is in line with diversity requirements
  • You get a complete picture of each candidate with objective feedback on performance
  • They allow you objectively to differentiate between candidates who are similar on paper
  • Candidates get a clear insight into your organisation and its operation
  • Often comparable or cheaper than your existing recruitment phases or selection errors.

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