How does Mentoring Differ to Coaching?

Mentoring and Coaching are often confused as being the same thing by a different name but there are clear distinctions between the two.

Mentoring is relationship, rather than task or skill focused, and is a long term commitment between two people with the intention of developing the lesser experienced person for both their current and future role. Its focus goes beyond skill development, and may include such areas as: work/life balance, networking opportunities, self perception or career development and planning.

Competent mentors are one of the biggest assets for an organisation and that is why we work with you to develop your internal mentoring capability. We deliver programmes to train and equip your mentors and mentees with the skills and techniques that they need to gain the most benefit from the relationship. This means we prepare mentees to get the most out of a having a mentor, and develop mentors who are confident to handle a range of mentoring challenges and plan successful outcomes.

Business Benefits of Mentoring

  • Creation of an open culture of learning and self development
  • Increased autonomy of staff who are learning from example rather than following directions
  • Increased motivation and retention levels of staff involved in the process
  • Broader horizons of staff with focus on career planning and development opportunities
  • Improved relationships, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Focused development planning
  • The opportunity to identify high potentials or talent in an area
  • Sharing of business ideas and exchange of information between departments
  • Achieving the transfer of tacit knowledge that only comes from experience and is hard to come by in other ways


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