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Question: Do We Need External Facilitation?

I am the HR Director of a medium-sized property services company. We had a restructure 6 months ago and this resulted in some new teams being formed through joining of departments. One of our new teams has been experiencing problems and conflict from the start. This seems to be mostly caused by historical grudges and major personality clashes between core members of the team. After an internal investigation and several initiatives to resolve the situation, we are no closer to finding a resolution. Breaking the team up isn’t an option for us logistically. However, our customer service is being impacted and every member of the team is currently failing to meet their performance targets. We have been considering getting in an external facilitator. Is this a situation in which facilitation might help?


A facilitator can really help if your organisation is dealing with a divisive or complicated issue. As a neutral and external party, a facilitator can help the team get out of a rut or a particular pattern of thinking by reframing the question and helping the group reach a new perspective or solution. For example, the facilitator could work with the team to help them to agree and commit to the standards of customer service they need to deliver. If a particular team is experiencing moderate conflict, it is often a very good idea to bring a facilitator in before things escalate to major conflict. Even in a non-conflict situation, bringing in a facilitator from time to time can help a team “tune-up” its communication skills and remind everyone that good process is important.

Facilitation – Why Choose Us?

Facilitation is one of the most important aspects of the work we do to deliver strategic business benefits for organisations. We make a significant difference to the involvement levels of participants and the outcomes achieved.

We can be involved from the start to plan, guide and manage your conferences, events and meetings or step in to run your set agenda. In both cases we provide the objectivity and skills to make your group event flow and stay on track.

Our experience of the commercial world, coupled with our understanding of people, means that we successfully motivate and gain contributions from all individuals, whilst also providing a no-nonsense challenge to address difficult issues, conversations and decisions.

Business Benefits of External Facilitation

  • Unbiased objectivity to achieve the required outcomes
  • Improved timing, focus and structure to increase the rate of successful outcomes
  • Achieve the highest levels of contribution from all involved
  • Ability to raise issues and provide an external perspective
  • Maintain energy and motivation levels throughout the event
  • Make roles and accountability clear
  • Creates a fair, safe and open environment for discussion and listening
  • Enables creative thinking and collaboration
  • Ensures the difficult issues are addressed and actions implemented

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