Andrew Hambly-Smith


(Vocal Magician)

Personal career highlight to date?

Seeing a senior executive develop from being extremely uncomfortable in his skin; this man demonstrated every signal of angst in almost every arena of communication, large or small, formal or informal. He became a fluid communicator who was comfortable and at ease with people. Great.

What makes you good at what you do?

The knowledge that talent is overrated and that hard work can develop extraordinary and exciting results. The knowledge that everyone who recognises the need for change and who wants to develop …can.

Saturday night or Sunday morning?

Sunday morning – papers, brunch, coffee!

Describe working at DCO

Being part of the family; included, respected and valued ….. It makes the difference.

Last three things you put on your credit card?

A holiday, theatre tickets and a ukulele.

Who do you think is a great presenter?

Anyone who tells me what they see rather than what they think.

Your best things in life?

Family, laughing.

What question would you ask the Queen?

Where’s my knighthood?

Best piece of advice a colleague ever gave you?

Don’t over explain

How does a good day of delivery feel?

Full. Complete. Smile.

Who makes you laugh?

My wife. She’s half-German!

What puts you outside your comfort zone?


Top tip for making a memorable impact?

Can’t ….it depends on the person…if forced, tell me what you see not what you think!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A singer. I was one…then I grew up!