Staff Surveys

Our unique staff survey service – SONAR – is an invaluable tool for organisations. The concept and strength of SONAR is about being able to gather intelligence on otherwise imperceptible sounds. In the workplace, the things that go unheard are often the views and opinions of your staff. The larger and more diverse your workplace, the harder it is to retain a complete picture of staff opinions on the issues that really matter.

Making the time to listen and let people contribute to the important decisions that need to be made, is a brilliant way to involve and discover new ideas from your staff. Our SONAR staff survey service allows you to commission a cost effective, tailored survey of your staff for a range of purposes with no limit to the number of people you can invite to complete it.

You identify the reason, audience and objectives for the survey and provide up to 25 questions that you want to ask and set a timeframe for responses to be received.

We build your survey using the most appropriate construct for your range of questions e.g. text boxes, likert scale, check boxes etc. We provide a sample for your approval and a URL to distribute to the participants you want to invite to complete it. We then capture the submitted data and produce a basic report and spreadsheet of the data.

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