Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching focuses on developing the skills of another person to achieve an improvement or an agreed standard within a defined time period. It has a clear focus on results and performance.

Executive Coaching is a conducted as one-to-one sessions, generally held over a six to twelve month period. It is an intensive way of developing your high potential employees or to facilitate a transition of role. At the highest level it is used as a sounding board for key decisions and leadership strategy. Equally it can be a method to address underperformance.

We know that choosing to provide coaching for one individual is a significant investment by your organisation, and we make sure that the conditions for coaching are right. Whilst coaching is an intervention designed for an individual, it requires them to be responsive and committed to the process, and also needs the support of key people above and beside that person, if it is to be the greatest success. When conditions for coaching are right, it can be one of the best investments an organisation makes.

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