360° Feedback

We offer a generic and bespoke 360° Feedback service. This means you can run a process that is suited to your organisations specific requirements. Each process provides feedback on both the importance of qualities to a role as well as the performance of them by an individual.

The generic process has a choice of up to 20 management qualities and can be issued to an individual and up to 5 feedback givers.

The bespoke process is a tailored questionnaire to reflect your organisation’s personal qualities or competencies for a role. It can be issue to an individual and up to 9 feedback givers.

The collated feedback ratings and comments are presented in a formal report to inform the person’s professional development planning.

We also provide a 360° Feedback process that uses the EQ-i2.0® to measure an individual’s Emotional Intelligence levels. Known as the EQ-360 it is ideal for use in organisations where developing effective communication between individuals, teams, and the entire organisation is crucial to success. The EQ-360 is our most popular feedback report and is often used as a part of formal coaching sessions and to measure progress of individuals.


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