Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests are designed to measure an individual’s psychological attributes. They either test a person’s maximum performance or their typical performance depending on their format.

Tests of Maximum Performance

Tests that have right or wrong answers and challenge you to do your best and demonstrate what you are capable of. These tests are often timed and usually get progressively harder. They are most useful in selection and recruitment processes.

Tests of Typical Performance

These tests do not have right or wrong answers but ask questions that different people will answer in different ways. They are self report or self presentation tests that rely on you to answer candidly and honestly. Tests in this category are interest and motivation questionnaires and personality inventories.

The most useful of these tests give a prediction of how people are likely to behave based on their personal preferences. They are therefore used for supporting recruitment and selection processes, career planning, or personal, team, management or leadership development.

Different Types of Psychometric Tests

Reasoning Tests Interest and Motivation Tests Personality Tests