Are Your Finances in Safe Hands?

June 4, 2019
Alex Othen

Toby Beta once said that ‘when you make any assumption, you are preparing room for error’.

Consider for a moment what the consequence would be if we assumed that anyone with experience of using scissors could produce a good haircut. Perhaps the ‘bowl cut’ might come back into fashion…

Likewise, just because someone has filled up their car with screenwash and checked their tyre pressure, you wouldn’t assume or trust that they could fix an engine.

Yet most organisations do place trust in their managers’ personal experience or ‘natural ability’ to manage the company financials as part of their role just because they handle their own personal finances.

This seems like an assumption with significant risk attached.

The understanding of finance is fundamental to contributing to the growth and success of a company, whether your managers have to explain the financial performance of a business to a team of employees under their command, present a business case for investment or plan and undertake budgeting.

This is why it is vital for the managers within your business to be able to assess the financial consequences of the choices they make, leaving both you and your employees feeling assured of their ability to make decisions that will be in the best interests of the company.

In response to this, we at DCo have created ‘Non-Financial Managers: Manage Your Finances’, which can be tailored to counter your company’s specific issues and will aid in decrypting and demystifying financial jargon that your employees may encounter in their day-to-day working lives.

Our aim when developing this course was to make a topic that can be quite intimidating into a much less daunting subject to get to grips with – something that can be accessed by all, whether it’s your first time encountering financial information or you’re a seasoned pro who needs a brush-up of your skills.

After all, bowl cuts are definitely best left in the past. For more information, get in touch with us by calling 01437 721879.

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